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Colored Cousins

As they created their art Sarah proclaimed "I'm a pink girl" and Joshua yelled out "I'm a blue boy". Instantly we knew the canvas had changed.


A Prayer is. . .

Driving home last night we passed a church along side the road. On its little message board outside was written.
“ A prayer is a wish sent heavenward”.
This was a little sad to me. At first my response was that prayer is so much more than a smoke signal sent to a genie in the sky. I contemplated how such and intimate conversation, a fellowshipping with the Almighty could be reduced to this fluffy little quote. I realized the source of my frustration was the word “wish”, the sound of it brought various pictures to mind. First I imagined a wistful, “what if” being sent to the sky. . .
“Star light, Star bright, First Star I see tonight,
I wish I may, I wish I might have the wish I wish tonight”
That didn’t bode well at all, Prayer is much more powerful than a flimsy fancy. The next picture that came to mind was that of a blue genie in a bottle. The voice of Robin Williams played in my head.
“You’re wish is my command”
I dwelt on these thoughts for the remainder of the trip. This morning I looked up “wish” in (on) the dictionary.

Wish: an expressed will or desire : Mandate
So I looked up “mandate”.
Mandate: 1 : an authoritative command

I did not like this at all! Who are we to command God, are we to send up a grocery list in a model rocket each time we Need something. Yes, I do believe that our Lord cares about our needs and that he provides for even the smallest desires, however there is so much more than that to prayer! I continued to be uneasy with the statement . . . a wish sent heavenward . . . a wish sent heavenward, I decided to delve deeper into the definition of wish. Maybe there was a different, a better definition.
I found this:

1. A desire, longing, or strong inclination for a specific thing.
2. An expression of a desire, longing, or strong inclination; a petition
3. Something desired or longed for.

Ok, lets work with this: “A prayer is an “expression of desire” sent heavenward”.

That sounds a little better, assuming your desire is that which is heavenward. Even though I was reaching to justify the quote, it was sounding a little better now. Prayer is an intimate conversation with your creator, pouring out your soul before the Lord. Drawing near to the Father in an expression of desire, a desire to know Him, to see Him, to fellowship with Him and to minister to Him. Prayer is the ultimate expression of desire.

So am I happy now with the quote: “a wish sent heavenward”? Well no, not from the thinking it most likely originated but maybe it’s not as shallow as I thought. Made me think anyway. What is your desire?


Dad took this picture before we left for Springfield last week. I found it on his new blog. Is it still wrong to copy someone's pictures without asking if the picture is of your kids? Hmmm. Just in case I'm linking to him. That should make up for it shouldn't it?


Out of town


We drove our 3 kids and Amy's 2 to Springfield, MO. The 5 kids behaved wonderfully and the trip went smoothly. We stopped in Groom at the Cross and had dinner at the World’s Largest McDonalds in Vinita, OK. We did get quite a few looks whenever we stopped, with the kids all looking so much alike and being so close in age people thought Jeremiah, Sarah, and Joshua were triplets. Each time we took a bathroom break people stared as if we were one of those clown cars at the circus. The kids just kept on piling out one by one.


Kurt and I drove from Springfield to Little Rock to visit Aarron in the Children's Hospital. What a blessing it was to see Josue and JoAnna! What a miracle to see Aarron, to hold his precious hand: Thank you God for saving his life! We also saw JoAnna’s sister Julie and met her brother Jason, they both were so fabulous and it was reassuring to know they had been there to support our awesome friends.


We left Little Rock around 4 PM. It broke my heart to say goodbye, they are so dear to us and I hate that we live so far apart. It rained all the way to Springfield; we got to Amy’s around 11.


We drove to Carthage, MO to Pastor Jerry’s new church. We had a wonderful time. The people were so welcoming and loving. It is so good to see that Pastor Jerry and Twanda have found such a caring new home. After church they took us out to eat at King’s Chef, the absolutely best Chinese restaurant I have ever been too. We gave lots of hugs good bye; we will miss them so much as well. After we got back to Amy’s Kaleb and Charleigh got to talk to Aarron on the phone, it was so good to hear his voice, when we left on Saturday he could only whisper.


Spent the day with Amy and the kids; went to the Springfield Conservation Nature Center, came home and Joel cooked hamburgers on the grill. Fun Fun. Not sure if we are coming home tomorrow or not. Tuesday is Aarron’s 5th Birthday, we may head back to Little Rock before going home.


No Blog Time

I have been spending all my "blog time" on Charleigh's Chat. She loves to tell her stories!
While I have various ideas floating around in my head, I won't get a chance to sit down and write for a few days.
While you wait keep an eye on Charleigh's Chat
She is SO cute.
If I do say so myself.


Such Blessings!

On Monday mornings I keep a few kids while there mom's go to a bible study. Today they decided they were going to start a "Kid's Club" They wan't me to tell you that they are all friends and that they like to sing, dance and pretend. They also enjoy eating, and coloring.

So Precious!



Nae-Nae's World
Just noticed that I linked to Kenzie's blog but had forgotten all about Janae. Sorry Nae'

Kenzie has a blog too!

Kenzie's World
In case your wondering Kenzie is Janae's girl. We love her dearly! Charleigh has adopted her as a big sister. She's spending the night tonight, when she saw the kid's blogs she wanted too. What Fun!


Kaleb lost a tooth

Check out Kaleb and Charleigh's comments on the exciting events of the day.

Charleigh's Chat: I am the tooth fairy

Kaleb's Story Stop: Tooth day



Today I discovered "Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi with fresh lime". It is so fabulous I had to share it with you. I'm not much for Pepsi but add a fresh lime to anything and its good. Using this theory, today I reached a revelation: Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi with Lime is a gift from God.

This new beverage combo nearly rivals the "Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper with cream" sensation but not quite.

As promised in this blog's description here I am to "pass on some of the joys of the day"

“Just hopping, enjoying that God is here”

Have you seen the potty dance. You know the one, where a kids Really got to go but instead they dance around with their legs crossed. My kids do this all the time. When ever I see the “potty dance” I remind them to hurry up and get in the bathroom.

This tell tale sign doesn’t work with Charleigh though. She is ALWAYS dancing around, she can not hold still. Often when I ask if she needs to go to the bathroom she replies “Mom, I’m just dancing!” Today as she wiggled around while talking to me I gave her that “Go to the Bathroom” look and her response was:

“Just hopping, enjoying that God is here”

We're sitting here talking about cheese and she is "just hopping, enjoying that God is here"

Wow, I was just thinking about cheese. . . Where's my Hop?

Second Calling

Ryan has some faubulous truths on his blog. The first one I saw was Light for the Path: The Second Calling

I was amazed when I saw it today; in the last month I have been thinking a lot about "the second calling".

I believe the first calling is when we are called to learn the truth. We know and believe the sacrifice that Christ has made for us, the salvation we have through his Grace. We know all the facts and we believe. We really believe, but we don’t really KNOW him.

I too believe there is a "second calling” the calling to draw close to the Father, to fellowship with and minister to him. The time when we realize that our sole purpose it to glorify God, to dwell in him, to delight him. No it’s not easy to step into that second calling it’s not comfortable or “safe”. His love is a blazing glorious fire you cannot draw near the heart of the Almighty Creator without being changed. Our God is a consuming fire! Once you take that step; lay aside your personal needs and desires and accept the second calling of Christ, your heart and your priorities will never be the same. You won’t want them to be. You will only want more of him.

I have so much more to say about "The Second calling" as I've been thinking about it for quite some time. The above is just a quick thought spurred on by Ryan's Blog


Sacrifice a Moment

Why is it that we expend more energy on getting out of doing something than it would have taken to do it in the first place?

We take the same amount of time explaining to someone why we can't be there for them as it would have taken to actually be there.

Not enough time for a quick hug, a sweet smile, too busy for a friendly nod. It takes half a second longer to pause and make eye contact than it does to abruptly push past someone in the hall.

What are we in such a hurry to get to anyway? Is it more important than the hearts we brush aside? Is that one second we save worth the lives we leave untouched, unloved?

Some people go through an entire day, or even a week without actually being looked at. A month with out being touched, a life without feeling loved.

Christ gave his life, HIS LIFE for these people.
Can we not give them something as well? Take a moment, slow down today, remember that the people you come in contact with are the very creation of the Almighty God, and that merits great value. Look someone in the eye; give a person one second of your attention, your respect, and your love. That second could change someone’s day, someone’s life, or even their eternity.

Kids Blog


Potty Train

"Chugga Chugga Poo POO!"

This phrase is heard much too often in my household. Now when Joshua needs to go "potty" he tells us he needs to "Chugga Chugga".


Quotes from Kurt:

"It's not Retro, its Ugly"

-I'm allergic to avocados-Jami


Yea! for Nae'

129 pounds!

I bet she was wearing her "happy pants" after she got off the scale.


Quotes from Joshua:

"I don't want to be nice!"

Sometimes I don't want to be nice either. Sometimes it is Hard being nice. Then we suck it up and put on our happy pants.
My happy pants are too tight today.


Sweet Charleigh 3-5-05


Does anyone read this?

Quotes from Joshua:

"Daddy is the Milk Hero!"

I've been too sick to drive the 2 1/2 blocks to the store so we've been out of milk for about. . Ohh say 18hours. When Kurt walked in with Milk and Eggs this morning you'd have thought the kids won the lottery.


"Am I OK?"

Joshua has been sick with either the flu or a cold for the last 2-3 weeks. He would often wake up with a cough or steaming with a fever, each time he woke up crying I would go in and check on him. "Are you ok, baby?" "Yes, Mama I Ok." was generally his answer. When he was really sick he would say "no I not k, I throwed up" Poor Baby. . .

After a week of this he started something new. Instead of crying when he awoke he started out with asking "Mom, Mom, Am I Ok?" Each Morning and each nap he would ask the same question "Am I OK?" Even after he was no longer sick this was his new way of waking up. For over a week I heard "Mom! Am I Ok?" I'd answer, "Yes, precious you are Ok". After being reaffirmed that he was fine he was ready to jump out of bed and play.

The entire time he did this I would smile at how cute he was, tell my friends and family of the newest "sweet little thing" that my boy was doing.

This last weekend I attended a Ladies Retreat. At the end of a service I stood at the front of the chapel. As a part of the ministry team I was anxiously waiting for someone to come forward so I could pray for her. I was so excited to get to serve in this way yet I waited and waited and no one came to me for prayer.
As I stood there my mind began to wander back home. I wonder how Kurt and the kids were doing. I remembered the cough Kurt had when he got home from work; I was praying he wasn't sick. My mind then moved to Joshua: the fever he had when I walked out the door to leave for the weekend. I hated leaving him when he was sick but I knew he would be fine with his daddy.
At that moment I pictured him waking up from a nap. . . "Daddy, Daddy, Am I OK?" At once it hit me, here I had been receiving an object lesson from my two year old and it had taken me over a week to figure it out.

He awakes and the first thing he says is "Am I OK?" That statement is profound! Do I do that? I should! Each morning before I get out of bed I should stop and ask my Father "Am I OK?" How are things between us Lord? Is there anything I need to work on? Is there anything keeping me from being who you want me to be? "AM I OK?" "Daddy, Am I OK?"


Kaleb got his Tiger Cub badge!

Good Bye Pastor Jerry. We love you!

Reading Wish List:

Enjoying God: Experiencing Intimacy With the Heavenly Father

I have heard so much about this book! I can't wait to read it. Does anyone have one I could borrow? My birthday is coming up hint. . hint. :

What I'm reading this week

Writing woes

I spent a good portion of yesterday working on a post about people who are "Walking around with Grave Clothes on" It sounded great while I was preaching it in the shower yesterday but I can't seem to get it to look good on paper. . .or is it monitor. . .you know what I mean

Uggg so frustrating. I have some great freeing news for someone out there and it isn't coming across the way I want.

Maybe this just wasn't meant for a blog, maybe I should hold on to it for later, or maybe it isn't meant for the public, just for one person, one heart. But I can't get it out of my mind!

So untill I get it worked out, if you've been rescued by Jesus, dead to sin and alive in Christ but still holding on to the regret, pain, guilt, or unforgiveness of the old you. If you want to be free from the stench of before and instead walk in the fragrance of today give me a call, I have got a word for someone out there, and it is GOOD!


Off to School

Good Bye Kaleb

Charleigh @ the Park

Waiting. . .

On Thursdays Kurt goes to a men's prayer meeting before work. Kaleb waits outside for his Daddy to come back and take him to school. Instead of watching down the street he always looks up at the sky till he hears Kurt coming down the road. He'll stand there for 10 minutes rather than waiting inside where it's warm.

What is he looking at?

Boise City High School Class of 1995

Boise City High School Class of 1995
Only 10 years? Man are we young!

Psalm 136

Give thanks to the LORD , for he is good.
His love endures forever. . . . .

"His Love Endures Forever" I found this phrase in the Bible at least 41 times. 26 times in Psalm 136. "His Love Endures Forever" Wow! That is some Good News!

A Fathers Love

Looking into the eyes of my newborn baby, my heart leaped with joy. So precious. So small.

You know; when they are so cute you just want to cover them with a thousand kisses. Ooooh they are so cute! You can't help but squeeze them and shower them with love.

You here a faint cry from the other room, you rush in and pick up your prize, your joy. As you pull the child close to your heart, the crying stops. Only you can calm this child so quickly so completely. In the embrace of your love there is safety and comfort.

As you cherish each smile, each blink, the love overflows you are enraptured and you begin to sing a sweet love song to your child. Though you'd never sing in front of anyone before you find yourself doing so now. How precious this child is to you, how very very precious.

This is how the Father delights in his children:
The LORD your God is with you,
he is mighty to save.
He will take great delight in you,
he will quiet you with his love,
he will rejoice over you with singing."
Zephania 3:17
God sings over you! He longs to hold you near, your very breath uplifts his heart. Are you hurting, is your heart broken? Let him comfort you with his love. Let him hold you close to his heart. You are his child, he is with you all ready, all you need to do is reach out and ask him to hold you.