“Just hopping, enjoying that God is here”

Have you seen the potty dance. You know the one, where a kids Really got to go but instead they dance around with their legs crossed. My kids do this all the time. When ever I see the “potty dance” I remind them to hurry up and get in the bathroom.

This tell tale sign doesn’t work with Charleigh though. She is ALWAYS dancing around, she can not hold still. Often when I ask if she needs to go to the bathroom she replies “Mom, I’m just dancing!” Today as she wiggled around while talking to me I gave her that “Go to the Bathroom” look and her response was:

“Just hopping, enjoying that God is here”

We're sitting here talking about cheese and she is "just hopping, enjoying that God is here"

Wow, I was just thinking about cheese. . . Where's my Hop?


Blogger Nae-Nae G. said...

Maybe you would hop more if you weren't afraid to eat carbs! You need carbs for hopping energy you know!

8:58 PM  

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