"Am I OK?"

Joshua has been sick with either the flu or a cold for the last 2-3 weeks. He would often wake up with a cough or steaming with a fever, each time he woke up crying I would go in and check on him. "Are you ok, baby?" "Yes, Mama I Ok." was generally his answer. When he was really sick he would say "no I not k, I throwed up" Poor Baby. . .

After a week of this he started something new. Instead of crying when he awoke he started out with asking "Mom, Mom, Am I Ok?" Each Morning and each nap he would ask the same question "Am I OK?" Even after he was no longer sick this was his new way of waking up. For over a week I heard "Mom! Am I Ok?" I'd answer, "Yes, precious you are Ok". After being reaffirmed that he was fine he was ready to jump out of bed and play.

The entire time he did this I would smile at how cute he was, tell my friends and family of the newest "sweet little thing" that my boy was doing.

This last weekend I attended a Ladies Retreat. At the end of a service I stood at the front of the chapel. As a part of the ministry team I was anxiously waiting for someone to come forward so I could pray for her. I was so excited to get to serve in this way yet I waited and waited and no one came to me for prayer.
As I stood there my mind began to wander back home. I wonder how Kurt and the kids were doing. I remembered the cough Kurt had when he got home from work; I was praying he wasn't sick. My mind then moved to Joshua: the fever he had when I walked out the door to leave for the weekend. I hated leaving him when he was sick but I knew he would be fine with his daddy.
At that moment I pictured him waking up from a nap. . . "Daddy, Daddy, Am I OK?" At once it hit me, here I had been receiving an object lesson from my two year old and it had taken me over a week to figure it out.

He awakes and the first thing he says is "Am I OK?" That statement is profound! Do I do that? I should! Each morning before I get out of bed I should stop and ask my Father "Am I OK?" How are things between us Lord? Is there anything I need to work on? Is there anything keeping me from being who you want me to be? "AM I OK?" "Daddy, Am I OK?"


Anonymous Janae said...

Such deep thoughts from such a little person. I mean you Jami, not Joshua. Great point though. I think that so often we wake up and take the Lord for granted. He is always there, so he can wait, because he'll be there when we get to him. Not the way to aproach the Lord! We wake up with thoughts of jobs, family, and stress. We should all strive to make "Am I Okay with you Lord?" our first question. There is a song, don't remember who sings it and the chorus says "How is it between us?" It's a song to the Lord. Sorry if I rambled, I liked your post.

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