Oh Happy Day! A quick note:

Wow! My back yard looks great! Thanks Mom and Dad for bringing the mower and for doing the mowing! We sat out there with the kids enjoying our swing and dreaming of planting a garden. Of course then we got cold so we came in and decided to make chili dogs. Sounds like a perfect meal to eat while sitting and watching Survivor. (Yes folks, I watch Survivor)

Fabulous day! Fabulous morning, I taught the preschool and kindergarten Sunday School classes and you know how I love my little people!

The church voted with over a 90% approval to ask John Hunter to come as our Pastor. WooHoo! Very excited about that!

After church while Dad, Mom, and Kurt worked on the yard. Kaleb, Charleigh, and I went to Annie and Gracie Cover's dance recital. I'm sure Charleigh will have more to say on this topic tomorrow on her blog.


Blogger Nae-Nae G. said...

Very pretty but also very bright. The blog not the yard. I think the pink should be a little darker. I really like the shade of green that's in the top part, title, whatever. The blue over on the side is hard to read. You asked for my opinion!

8:27 PM  

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