I love Mother's Day

I absolutely love L-O-V-E Mother's Day. It is my favorite "pretend" holiday. It's better than a birthday cause your not getting any older. It is also my only guaranteed acknowledged holiday from my hubby. Kurt never forgets Mother's Day. Well he did forget to call his own mom but he never forgets me on Mother's day.

Now while this day is all happy cheery flowery homemade card day for me it's not as pleasant for every one. For many women Mother's day is a reminder of children lost and children never had. To some this day brings memories of a lost mother's love. To others of a mother's love never given. So on this day I thank my Father for the blessings he's poured out on my life. First for my own Mother, whose love I've never doubted. Second for the chance to share that same love with my own three children. I also say a prayer for the women who are hurting on this day, that God will heal the painful hole in their hearts and fill it with a divine love that can not be matched by even that of a mother or a child.


Blogger Nae-Nae G. said...

Well I did okay on Mothers Day but now you made me cry on a Thursday!

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