Growing up

After lunch we're off to enroll Charleigh in Kindergarten. Could this be possible? I just got out of kindergarten last week. Kaleb is going into 2nd grade next year. I clearly remember 2nd grade. Mrs. Gillespie taught us cursive. She also told us if we looked at the little cross-eyed girl on the playground that our eyes would cross like hers. I'm sure she just didn't want us to stare but I'm equally convinced this made it difficult for the little girl to make friends. Hence why for years she was known only as the little cross-eyed girl. Also the reason we ran away anytime she stepped foot on the playground.


Anonymous Mom said...

Kindergarten, Are you sure that it wasn't two weeks ago that I enrolled you. Last week we had to find prom dresses.

5:30 AM  
Blogger Nae-Nae G. said...

For just a minute in my pre-scan of reading this, I thought you were talking about another Mrs. Gillespie that we know and love!

8:46 PM  

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