NOT a good idea!

There are good ideas and bad ideas. . .This was NOT a good idea!

I heard Charleigh's muffled yell coming from the living room. She yelled "I'm stuck, my hair is stuck." I slowly made my way, what could she possibly be stuck in? Then I saw a puff of hair sticking out of the Sam's Cooler bag. The look on her two brothers faces confirmed my suspicion. Charleigh was in the bag. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

I struggled to unzip the bag as various "motherly" statements poured out my mouth. "What were you thinking!?!" "Why do you do these things?" "Go to your room!" "Hold still!" But the phrase I kept repeating was "This was Not a good idea!"

After a few minutes we had the bag unzipped a half way. Whew, I knew my baby could at least breath. It was at this time as I relaxed I realized Charleigh had been laughing the entire time. A sliver of humor slipped into the picture (only a sliver) that's when I took the first picture. Working quickly but carefully we finally got her out. As Joshua completed her rescue I took the last two pictures. As you can see the entire episode didn't phase her a bit.

We have since sat down and discussed the danger of getting in coolers, refrigerators, freezers, and yes even insulated bags from Sams. She also has found that "Kaleb made me do it" doesn't fly, and Kaleb has learned that "but She wanted to" doesn't either. Meanwhile after seeing the pictures Joshua is sure that he is the hero of the world!


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