Changing Google Ads

I've noticed since the "Bad Idea" post my google ads have been about ______ bags. I'm testing to see if I can change it with this post.

Chocolate Pie Chocolate Cake Chocolate Milk Chocolate Hair Chocolate bar Chocolate Coffee Chcolate Chocolate Chocolate, Cocoa, Espresso, Latte, Gevallia, Caramell, vanilla, yummy

Coca Cola, Dr Pepper, Pepsi, Sprite,
Kites, baseballs, bicycle, books, phones, frames, chocolate frames, hand lotion, bottled water. Food TV. Cable costs too much. Chest pain. Uggg. Hungry. Caffeine. Do they make good insurance companies? Dry Skin. Nail polish remover. Customer Service. Little Sisters Singing. Big Sisters dancing. Little Brothers Running. Ballet Doctors with facy pink castles.


Blogger Nae-Nae G. said...

I don't think it worked. If it had maybe you would have had ads for chocolate cofee bags. I'm very disapointed because I wanted to become an ordained minister tonight. I have a wedding and a baptism to perform next week. I guess I'll have to call one of those numbers in Thrifty Nickle.

8:17 PM  
Blogger Jami said...

Woohoo, now I've got chocolate ads

6:06 AM  

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