About Me

I married my high school sweetheart, Kurt. Now almost 10 years later we have been blessed with three precious children: Kaleb-6, Charleigh-5, and Joshua-2. I am so fortunate to get to be a stay@home mommy. The Lord has rained down infinite blessings on my life! I thank God for the abundance of precious friends and family that surround me. My heart’s desire is to be a delight to the Lord, to become who he wants me to be. I have a passion for teaching preschool children about God’s love. I believe we should “have such a love and concern for our children that we are willing to pour out our life as if it were a sacrifice to the Lord, in order to deepen their faith and make their lives what they should be in the Lord”.
More Random things “about me”: * I enjoy Reading, Culinary Arts, Politics, and Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper. * I spend most of my time sweeping up cereal and play dough from the kitchen floor. * I love my cappuccino maker; it makes me smile at least once a day. *I am carb phobic. *Sour Cream is a gift from Above. *I have unbelievably intelligent and beautiful children.


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